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  Current work:
Trees installations in Körner park, Berlin
Gamla Tarang
Ensemble of clay flower pots
Inter-connected trees installations.
Mexico, Germany, Italy

Electro-acoustic music duo

to Sing a Forest
Organic movement with three musicians, three trees and a dancer

  Art & Technology:

Installations Technologies:  trees, sensors, internet   (external link)

Sensored gloves (arduino,max,etc..)    (external link)

Dancer with Tree: Real-time Tree-to-DMX.
thePlate: Live performance software (max/msp)
  Coming 2008:
Waschmaschine: pulse your socks off (wild sextet)
Drummers Duo: with Robbert van Holzen (CD)
Rachasch: Contemporary eastern music (trio)
Interaktion festival: Berlin      (external link)
4th race: Musicastrada festival, Italy
Biosphere Lab: TU Berlin, Langer Tag der Stadt Natur    (external link)







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       ]]        (Aug-Sep 2007)   


     installation with the-tilt

Three Trees,  Four leaf-shaped plexiglas speakers, Eight sensors, a computer and the internet.

Trees installation in Körner park, Berlin.
September 15th - November 20th 2007
Documentation exhibition: Gallery Hope&Glory

_ Technologies: sensors; max/msp; digging-cables-underground
Activities:     sounds, development, installation
Instruments.  clay flowers pots

project web site:   baumberauschen


TV: Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg, Abendschau, 15.10.2007





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       ]]        (2007)   

'Gamla Tarang'

     flower pots ensemble

Various solo and duos combined with: cello, step-dancer, electronics, played by a tree, santoor, sitar, and more..

Solo CD released (May/2008)

 Twenty Chimes (15:05) [1 min sample]
 Passage-o-that! (3:31)
 Zel-Ta (3:50)
 Surface tension (13:28) [1 min sample]

More audio excerpts from this CD are ---> here <---






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       ]]        (2006/7)   

'Sotavento' installations

     with the-tilt

Internet forest of sounding trees,   Global Sound installation on living organisms.  Italy, Mexico and Germany

premiere — 1st May 2006  Florence (
Italy)  &  San Luis Potosi (Mexico)
ongoing project  [
currently - 3 trees]

_ Technologies: sensors; [java] osc router; max/msp; arduino, osc groups;
Activities:     development, installations & live performance
Instruments.  tabla, controllers, metal pipes, laptop, a bunch of software


project web site:   sotavento






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        ]]        (2006/7)   

music . TILT

real-time duo

VI Festival de San Luis, Mexico
Eigenarten Festival, Hamburg.  (live with trees)
Terzet (w/ Anat Cohavi)
with Ignacio Baca (Dresden)

Activities:             live performance
Instruments:         percussions, metals, sensors, controllers, max patches


project web site:   music.the-tilt.com


also:    THE-TILT project  "The Birth of a Ship"
premiered 26-August'06 in the
Deutsches Technikmuseum in Berlin
See the compilation DVD online here


                                                                           (more videos)





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        ]]        (2006/7)

to Sing a Forest

Contemporary indo-european performance involving real-time improvisation with nature.
an organic movement with three musicians, three trees and a dancer.

This project meets unique artists from different backgrounds:

Oori Shalev – tabla, drums, hardware, software
Amelia Cuni – voice, controllers
Seth Josel – guitars and processing
Junko Wadaa – dance

Ballhaus naunynstr. June-2007: Interaktion/1 festival.
video excerpts are available in the project's website.

project web site:   to sing a forest           

(May 2008) CD released -
Audio excerpts are ---> here <---


 (more videos)