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Oori Shalev
concept, percussions, software, hardware
Musician, sound artist and computer integration specialist.   born in Israel, now residing in Berlin.
Plays drum set, tabla and percussions.
He has performed in different fields with various groups and artists, such as: free-jazz (tabula rasa, sergey letov, dave dove), contemporary classic (carlos sandoval - Lange Nacht der Museen), mid-east groove (anat zoe tuvia - Morgenland festival), blues (rosa king - Shantipi festival), sound installations (the-tilt).
As a part of 'the-tilt' group, he designed the tree interaction network (in 'Sotavento') and has preformed with the trees in VI Festival de San Luis using tabla and digital processing.
he develops and combines sensing hardware, computer software and customized tuned-percussions in his sonic journeys.



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Several layers of independent sligltly-modified regular pulses for Tabla, Sensored gloves and trees. Inspired by "Rock piece" of Pauline Oliveros.

Oori Shalev, Tabla-Percussion, laptop / Carlos Sandoval Sensored gloves and laptop

Premiered — May 1st  2006,    Further performances: Queretaro City, Mexico, May 12th





Amelia Cuni
voice, gesture controls
Singer, composer and performer.
She has trained her voice and musical skills in India, according to the tradition of DHRUPAD singing and KATHAK dance.
Her present work includes contemporary and experimental music collaborations with several artists of international repute such as Terry Riley, Werner Durand and David Toop.
She is engaged in the transmission of the knowledge she has acquired from her gurus and teaches Indian singing at the Vicenza Conservatory in Italy.
She is based in Berlin.


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With Werner Durand and various visual artists (Fred Pommerehen Yvonne Mohr, Uli Sigg), she collaborates also on the multimedia performance ASHTAYAMA-Song of Hours, presented at the Podewil in Berlin (1999), ZKM in Karlsruhe (2000), Institute for Contemporary Arts in London, Tropical Museum in Amsterdam (2001), Düsseldorfer Altstadt Herbst (Tanzhaus NRW, 2002), Ijsbreker in Amsterdam (2003), Other Minds festival at the Yerba Buena Theater in San Francisco, Stimmenfestival 2005 in Basel, Serralves Museum for Contemporary Arts in Porto 2006.





Seth Josel
guitars & processing
originally from New York, now residing in Berlin - has become one of the leading instrumental pioneers of his generation.
As a soloist he has concertized in Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, France, Israel, Italy, The Netherlands, Switzerland, the US and Canada.
He has performed as a guest with leading orchestras and ensembles of Europe, including the BBC Symphony Orchestra (London), the Deutsches Symphonie Orchester Berlin, the South German Radio Choir, the Staatskappelle Berlin and the Schönberg Ensemble of Amsterdam, and has appeared at several major European festivals including the Salzburg Festspiele, Ars Musica, Donaueschingen, The Holland Festival, Munich Biennale and London's South Bank Festival. From 1991 till 2000 he was a permanent member of the Ensemble Musikfabrik NRW


Example of related previous work:


  Josel has worked in a variety of contexts and situations, also involving free improvised music as well as the interpretation of "open" forms.
In this arena he has had the great privilege to work with some of the outstanding personalities of our day, including Anton Lukoszevieze, Ulrich Krieger, Ray Kaszynski, David Moss, Frank Gratkowski, Melvyn Poore and David First.



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