to Sing a Forest

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This project combines various technologies in order to deepen the real-time interaction-potential between
"person & nature" and between "persons".
To explore the sonic possibilities of these complex (yet, sometimes very subtle) movements
and their influences on the resulting music.

The development and ways of using these custom sensing methods is an on-going and accumulative part of our project.


Brief summery of the current tools:



Performer's Gesture Acquisition



  • acceleration  sensor for Amelia's hand motions
  • FSR pressure sensors for Oori's bayan
  • Strain gauges for Oori's frame drum    system   connections
  • Custom foot controllers
  • Arduino, data acquisition board    (www)

  • Max/Msp for gesture analysis and artistic interpretations    (www)





Nature interaction                 


  • Max/Msp for artistic interpretations, spatial placing and sound transformations
  • Internet for real-time access to the the tree's movements
  • osc + oscgroup by Ross Bencina    (www)

These streams of data are provided by: 'Sotavento' a project
of 'the-tilt' group (berlin).   


  • pc, multi-channel audio interface
  • surround speakers
  • DMX controlled light system (using Max/Msp)
  • Pneumatic tube + motor for the frame drum


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